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Over the past few years, Bryan has spent most of his time in research and learning how to help the general public. His broadcasts represent much of what he has learned in this time and are archived here.

Date Broadcast Description
July 12, 2019

Research on Brain Waves

A Discernment:  Research on Brain Waves

Bryan does a live research session using his gift of discernment on the subject of brainwaves, using Casey’s brainwaves as examples.

June 28, 2019

Healing One’s Past: A Follow Up

A Discernment:  Healing One’s Past, A Follow Up

Following on from the healing experience of June 21, Bryan follows up with Casey, Isabelle and Darlene, attempting to do a healing for diverticulitis and demonstrating the spiritual complexities around healing.  Once the complexities are fully addressed, one can be set free.  However, very few are set free.

June 21, 2019

Healing One’s Past

A Discernment:  Healing One’s Past

This is an example of an intense healing experience with Bryan, illustrating how making oaths to man can mess one up.


June 14, 2019

A Theory of Disease and Supplements

A Discernment of A Theory of Disease and Supplements

Bryan’s discernment takes him into some of the mechanisms and triggers for the top five disease states and how/if supplements can play a role.  As usual, he provides some suggestions on how we can help ourselves, moving forward.  Not a conventional approach. Also see under the Articles tab for Bryan's June 12, 2019 discernment re: Understanding of God and Vaporization for further background on this broadcast. 

Once again, congratulations to the Toronto Raptors!!!  And don't forget to tell six people about this broadcast and about how wonderful BioClair Digestive Enzymes are!



May 24, 2019

A Theory of Choosing Our Parents

A Discernment of A Theory of Choosing Our Parents

This is Bryan’s discernment of how we make the choices on how our lives unfold, including how we choose our own parents.  Definitely food for thought.  Give it a listen!

May 17, 2019

A Theory of Spiritual Decompression

A Discernment of A Theory of Spiritual Decompression

Bryan talks about the perfectionist, one who self-sabotages, the "sinner," and the sacrificial lamb.  Broken into two halves, this broadcast describes how we are spiritually held down and what we need to do to free ourselves.

May 10, 2019

A Theory of Spiritual Poker

A Discernment of A Theory of Spiritual Poker 

Broken into two halves, this broadcast is a continuation of the May 3, 2019 presentation.  It goes more into depth regarding how to live a life towards happiness and prosperity.  Something we could all use a little more of, eh?  

May 3, 2019

A Theory of Freeing Yourself

A Discernment of A Theory of Freeing Yourself

If you’ve listened to the last two broadcasts, you may be interested in this one.  In this broadcast, Bryan seeks to offer solutions… maybe become a billionaire! 

April 26, 2019

A Theory of Why People Need to Accept 100% Free Will

A Discernment of A Theory of Why People Need to Accept 100% Free Will 

Following from the last broadcast on free will, Bryan gives more information to think about on this subject.  Listen three times and see what you think.  It’s deep.


April 19, 2019

A Theory of Free Will: Good Friday Message

A Discernment on a Theory of Free Will 

Do we have free will?  Listen to this discernment.  What you do you think?  Also includes a summary of findings in science this week, as well as a Good Friday message at the end.  


April 12, 2019

A Theory of Planet Earth

A Discernment on a Theory of Planet Earth 

Are you ready for this?  It’s a deep one.  Bryan answers, in general, why we are here and why life is the way it is.  As usual, he suggests ways to make things better.  At the end, he gives an update on what he learned in science this week.


April 5, 2019

A Theory on Prejudice

A Discernment on a Theory of Prejudice

This is interesting:  Bryan presents a theory of prejudice being genetically inherited from our ancestors... and offers a solution too.


March 26, 2019

A Theory of Drinking Alcohol

A Discernment on a Theory of Drinking Alcohol

Join Bryan and find out about the possible connection between drinking wine and cancer, with some information on aging, 5G and 6G technologies and global warming thrown in!

March 19, 2019

The Theory of Eating Well

A Discernment on the Theory of Eating Well

Take your healthy diet to the next level.  Find out what healthy foods do to activate vitamins, minerals and enzymes in your body.  Learn what you and your family should be avoiding to be healthier longer.

March 12, 2019

Gluten Allergies

A Discernment on Gluten Allergies

What is the story with wheat allergies or wheat intolerance? Listen to this clip and hear what you didn't already know about this topic that can really help you or someone you know who deals with gluten issues.  It is indicative of more than just a wheat digestion problem.

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