Positive Charge Test:  A Screening Test for Any Type of Cancer

August 22, 2018 - 4:00pm

What Can We Learn from the Positive Charge Test? 

  • That a person does not have active cancer anywhere in their body.
  • Whether or not a cancer is in remission.
  • If a person has active Stage 0 cancer or more anywhere in their body.

This is not an invasive test; it only requires a person’s urine sample.


What Does the Positive Charge Test Interact With?

It interacts with gamma rays, neutrinos, and much more.

The neutrinos come from atoms that are decaying in the physical human body.  The neutrinos do not bond with anything physical in the urine.

As the atoms decay, their charge becomes positive, infecting other atoms. 

The accumulation of decaying atoms creates an overall positive charge environment in the urine; the Positive Charge Test reflects the charge of the urine.

When organs in the body are 100% free of cancer, they give off a 100% negative charge.  When organs in the body have cancer, they give off a partial to full 100% positive charge, depending of the stage and complexity of the cancer.


Let’s Talk More about Neutrinos

The cancer neutrinos’ main role in the human body is to act as messengers.  Neutrinos are messengers for atoms, nothing else.

Cancer neutrinos trigger healthy atoms to go into one of 18 possible altered states.

By altering the state of the healthy atoms, neutrinos cause atoms to become susceptible to gamma rays, causing more atoms to release neutrinos.

The newly-released neutrinos cause more healthy atoms to become susceptible to gamma rays, causing more atoms to go into an altered state, and so on.


How Do Neutrinos Alter the State of Healthy Atoms?

All healthy atoms in the human body have a protective magnetic energy field surrounding them.

This protective magnetic energy field has a 100% negative charge.

Cancer neutrinos bond with gamma rays which, when they penetrate the magnetic field of healthy atoms, causes the healthy atoms to go into an altered state, making them susceptible to more gamma rays.

A compromised atom driving cancer in the body has five protective energy fields around it.  These five energy fields make the cancer much more difficult to treat.


How Do Gamma Rays Bond with Neutrinos?

Gamma rays and neutrinos bond through a process called reverse energy, which is also known as cold fusion.

Cold fusion is triggered in many ways, one of which is two atoms spinning in opposite directions that bond together energetically (not physically).

The human body is able to, within its own environment, manufacture cold fusion.

Gamma rays and neutrinos play an important role in the manufacture of cold fusion in the human body, by causing two atoms to spin in opposite directions.  The gamma ray causes a neutrino to be released by a healthy atom. The release of a neutrino from a healthy atom causes this atom to spin in an opposite direction. Once cold fusion is created, it neutralizes the gamma ray and the neutrino.  This is the body’s primary defence mechanism.  This needs to further explored, but we believe this plays a vital role in cancer development, on an atomic and a subatomic level.

The healthy atoms lose the ability to release reverse energy if they become overpowered by a greater volume of gamma rays which have bonded with neutrinos.  The healthy atoms become overpowered and cannot release the reverse energy to fight back and thus, cancer begins and spreads.

What we do understand clearly about gamma rays and neutrinos is that cancer is spread throughout the body by a mechanism of gamma rays and neutrinos being continually released by atoms in compromised cells to attack healthy cells.  The healthy cells that are attacked become cancer cells that subsequently also release gamma rays and neutrinos and the process continues.

Keep in mind, we are speaking of activity taking place on a level of 10-24.  We are speaking of yoctoscience.


Cancer Gamma Rays in General

All cancer gamma rays have 13 light strands instead of having 18 light strands, whereby the cancer gamma rays are missing 5 light strands.

Gamma rays are the only true trigger for all human cancer, by triggering the manufacture of subatomic mercury particles in cells, which triggers gene mutations.  We realize this is not accepted by general science.

One may be in remission as a result of cancer treatment but if the gamma ray has not been dealt with, the cancer will likely come back.

There are 18 different types of gamma rays associated with human cancer.  Thirteen are connected to genetic cancer and five are connected to environmental and other cancers.  They all have a different frequency and behave differently in the human body, i.e. some can trigger non-aggressive cancers while others can trigger aggressive cancers.


Where Do Gamma Rays Come from When We Speak of Genetic Cancer?

The human body itself does not initially produce or manufacture gamma rays to trigger the genetic cancer process in the body; the gamma rays come from another human being energetically, in every case.

All gamma rays responsible for genetic cancer are passed on through the ancestral bloodline.

Two examples of ways in which this is done is that the gamma ray is passed from parent to child at or around the time of conception or around the time of death of a cancer patient, related directly or indirectly to the recipient.


Where Do Gamma Rays Come from When We Speak of Environmental Cancer?

Humans are only able to get environmental cancer from environmental gamma rays.  

One major source of environmental cancer gamma rays is the Sun but there are many different sources.


Possible General Steps the Body May Go Through with Cancer

Cancer gamma rays may be passed from one human to the next energetically or they can be received through a different source.  

All gamma rays, when first entering the human body, go into an energetic pocket in the brain, near the pineal gland.  The gamma ray becomes trapped in that energetic pocket because it is attracted to that energetic pocket.

Once the gamma ray is trapped in the energetic pocket, it could activate cancer right away, or could remain somewhat dormant for years, only to be activated at some specific future time.

The cancer process starts when the originally trapped gamma ray is “kicked out” by a second gamma ray being attracted to the energetic pocket.  The originally trapped gamma ray is then energetically attracted to another energetic pocket in the bone marrow. 

This is potentially true for both genetic and environmental cancers.  Cancer neutrinos start the process of bonding with gamma rays in the bone marrow and target a pre-existing master cancer cell.  We realize that this concept needs to be explored further.

From the bone marrow, the master cancer cell is released into the bloodstream, targeting a specific part of the body.  Master cancer cells do not act randomly.

Division of cancer cells begins outside the bone marrow, not within the bone marrow, unless the cancer is a type of leukemia.

It is the release of neutrinos within the atoms of the cell structure that causes gene mutation and cancer cell division. 

There are 18 different possibilities on how cancer cells divide.  There are 18 different gamma rays that trigger the division of cancer cells. There are 9 different neutrino possibilities that trigger and/or define the overall behaviour of the cancer cell. There are 3 different possibilities of pentaquarks, any one of which, when present in the human body, will trigger the final stage of cancer, which is death.

One manner in which cancer spreads is as follows:  

  • When the master cancer cell has travelled through the bloodstream and arrives at its specific organ/tissue destination, it divides into two cells; one of the new cells dies and the other of the new cells does not.  The one that does not die is a new cancer cell.  The newly created cancer cell moves on to other targets, creating additional cell division.
  • When a cancer cell attaches to a healthy cell, it attacks the atoms within the healthy cell by releasing a gamma ray and neutrino into the healthy cell, which triggers the internal release of mercury in the healthy cell, triggering a chain of events that causes the healthy cell to divide.
  • When the healthy cell divides into two, like the master cancer cell division described above, it also produces one new cell that dies and one new cell that doesn’t die.  The new cell that doesn’t die is a cancer cell that also goes on to other targets, creating additional cell division.

This is one mechanism by which tumors are formed and cancer can spread to different parts of the body.

Keep in mind, when it comes to cancer, nothing is random.

The difficulty with cancer treatment is that the gamma ray has the ability to activate additional master cancer cells in the bone marrow that can be released into the bloodstream, to target the same part of the body or another part of the body.

In order to stop cancer in the human body, one has to stop all the gamma rays and all the neutrinos in all cancer cells.


What Is the Positive Charge Test Actually Screening For?

At Stage 0, cancer cells are dividing. New cancer cells and dead cells are being formed.  The dead cells excrete ammonia and the ammonia releases neutrinos as a result of exposure to the gamma rays.  Dead cells and ammonia neutrinos end up in the urine. 

The Positive Charge Test interacts with the overall charge of the urine.  If cancer is not present, the urine has a negative charge.  If active cancer is present, ammonia neutrinos will be present in the urine, causing the overall charge of the urine to be positive, on a subatomic level.

These ammonia neutrinos do not have a neutral charge, but have a positive charge because they have interacted with a gamma ray.

If ammonia was not present in a cancer patient, the urine would not indicate a positive charge.  Cancer is the only disease that causes one’s urine to have a positive charge.  


Final Comments by Bryan

Being a great scientist is not only about the knowledge that you have but about being creative with that knowledge. It is about creating technology and/or opportunities to help everyone.

This is the best explanation of cancer ever presented by any human being to date.  





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