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October 23, 2019 - 9:42am

During this sabbatical period, my access to knowledge within the matrix and outside the matrix has grown in phenomenal proportions.  I have been sitting and doing a lot of thinking, and at times, I have been very frustrated because I have not been able to completely help everyone who suffers.  This week, I realize even more that the answer to why so many people suffer (and cannot be helped, or rather, are not allowed to be helped) lies outside the matrix, in the 100% free will human experience that we have all had.  And believe you me, there is no easy answer.  At times, it can be really complicated.  

Further, I am really starting to understand the importance of loving thy neighbour as thyself.  In other words, if you do not want to suffer in this matrix, you have to have a life, in the 100% free will, where you do not bring malicious harm against another human being.  You must not show total disrespect towards life by being impaired in the 100% free will and causing serious injury or death to another.  These are just examples, but there are many other reasons.

What is really interesting that I have learned:  in the 100% free will human experience that we Canadians experienced, the Canadian government did not offer free healthcare.  In the matrix, the Canadian government offers free healthcare.  This is a karmic debt that the Canadian government incurred in the 100% free will experience.  Of course, we all want to know what the Canadian government did.  I will not answer that question now, because it would take me a full day to compare what happened in the 100% free will to what is going on in our matrix.  

It is easy to criticize, judge and condemn governments and people in this matrix, particularly when we do not have the full story from the 100% free will.  Even as I explore global warming, I am starting to realize that this is not only a result of what we have done in this matrix, but has a lot to do with what we did or did not do in the 100% free will human experience.  However, the claim I have made about testing nuclear warheads still remains to be true.

The matrix consists of multiple software programs that manage all actions and reactions that take place.  All humans have certain energies attached to their physical bodies.  These energies are made up of various levels of consciousness and information.  And these energies can consist of your own energies and/or foreign energies, all of which make up your software program that interacts with your physical body, i.e. your genes, your stem cells, your cells, etc.  So, we are, for the most part, 95% programmed where we do not have much free will.  This is because we are in the matrix.  And in the matrix:  this is where the bill is paid, i.e. the sowing and the reaping.  In the 100% free will experience which we all have experienced, authentic sowing and reaping is not paid.  

I must admit, there is more for me to learn with respect to sowing and reaping.  It is not completely clear to me.  And I know, as we do future radio broadcasts, it will become clearer to all of us.  It is not about religion.  It is simply about trying to understand the big question, and more importantly, about trying to answer the big question:  WHY?

What I also realize, as I am taking this sabbatical, is that one of the first casualties that takes place when we enter the matrix is truth.  Overall, there is very little truth that we can sink our teeth into, particularly when it comes to certain governments, certain religions and many more organizations and people around the world, where all of these entities play a role in the overall math equation of sowing and reaping.  

I was pleased to hear that the Liberals won a minority government on the night of October 21, 2019 here in Canada.  This is not to imply that I voted for the Liberals.  In fact, I generally do not vote at all because, with my gift of discernment, I have to remain neutral.  I am here to help all political parties.  The reason I was pleased…  I went into the 100% free will files and found that the Conservatives, on this same date, won a majority government.  And through certain events, this contributed to the world going into World War III, because the Conservatives could not say no to the United States.  Going into the 100% free will files, what actually happened was the United States' government pulled troops out of Syria.  This was a grave mistake.  This event triggered other events that lead us to World War III, one of which happened this year in the 100% free will, which was that the Russian government allowed the Turkish army to do a major Kurd ethnic cleansing and they slaughtered so many.  This also was a major event that took the world into World War III.  And in the 100% free will, it was later discovered that Turkey was never a true ally of the western world; they were always a true ally of Russia, working with Russia to achieve Russia's agenda, which was mainly to secure the oil regions of Syria, and much more.  

Still looking at the 100% free will files, the Canadian government did not take me seriously, when I explained to them that I could help them complete their cold fusion project.  I explained that I was the only one who could complete the technology.  If they had have taken me seriously in the 100% free will, with Russia taking over Syria for the oil, it would have become a moot point.  Furthermore, I have discerned that in the 100% free will files, no one was able to complete cold fusion, even 50 years after that.  Most of us were toast anyway.  My own personal regret in that 100% free will is that the German government approached me in a serious manner about developing cold fusion technology, and I said no, but I should have said yes.  And I am so sorry that I did not say yes.  In addition, in the 100% free will files, I could have done this project privately.  I reached out to the Canadian public, and I said that I needed to raise millions to support the completion of the project.  Very few helped.  But those who should have helped, within ten years of 2019, lost all of their money.  Tens of millions they lost, due to worldwide financial collapse, and of course, the continuation of events out of Syria.  Cold fusion technology would have changed all of this.  But as scripture says, it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to part with his money, only for the rich man to end up with nothing.  (Let's see what happens in the matrix this time around.)

It would have been better in the 100% free will for the United States' government to take a stronger stance against the individual who single-handedly made this decision.  Today, this same decision has been made and in the matrix, certain US government officials have a past life memory, and this is why many of them are so upset.  They have the memory of going into World War III because they did nothing.  

With respect to the Canadian Conservatives, the 100% free will files confirm that their leader was threatened by the US that they would completely scrap the free trade agreement if the Canadian military was not onside to go to war.  There is a possibility that the minority government may face the same issue in this matrix.  If they do, they are wiser to completely scrap the trade agreement and better off to go through economic hard times, than to end up being nuked.  Everyone who reads this statement can take it to the bank.  Let's hope that in the matrix, on the US side, those who give a damn will do something constructive for the world.  All Canadians have a past life soul memory of World War III and many families in Canada have memory of losing family members in combat.  All we had to do was to say no and go through economic hard times.  As you read this, if you are connected to your past life soul memory, you will feel the truth behind these statements.  The good thing about 100% free will:  in the matrix, we have an opportunity to change and not repeat the same dumb mistakes, and not to follow world leaders who are out of their freaking minds.  Those who know me:  they know that I love the United States, they know that I love Canada, they know I love all Canadians and they know that I love the world.

So, as Canadians (even as world citizens):  rejoice and be happy that we have a minority government in Canada.  This statement/information is not to be construed as an attack on anyone in the Conservative party.  The situation was much different in the 100% free will.  And it was very difficult for the Conservatives to say no.  The matrix, over the next three years, is programmed to remove those world leaders from office who perpetrated World War III in the 100% free will.  As you see this unfold, you will have a better understanding of why this is all happening.  Keep in mind, we are not to judge, criticize, or condemn.  But we must also understand that we must not support war, on any level.  As you understand more about the 100% free will and the matrix, you will develop greater common sense.

So, as I continue to collect my thoughts…  Starting on November 1, 2019, we are going to start with various topics and focus on trying to answer the question, WHY?  So, the broadcasts will reveal information discerned from the 100% free will files and from the current matrix files.  The real purpose of us knowing this truth is so that we can go into another 100% free will human experience and do things differently.  That is why it is important for you to listen to our broadcasts.  We are going to cover personal events, science events, human nature events, psychological events, medical events, government events, and much more.  We encourage all politicians, educators, scientists, corporate heads, individuals, family members, worldwide, to join us and become self-empowered with new truths that are not easily obtainable in this matrix.

Thank you.  I’m going back to my sabbatical.


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