Free Will, Canadian Bad Karmic Timeline to Go Through Coronavirus

April 30, 2020 - 5:13pm

Welcome to our website.  All of you who have been supporting us in the past:  thank you.  I would like to give you the following information to provide you with a deeper understanding of free will and subsequently, to provide all Canadian government offices with a COVID-19 bad karmic timeline that each province and territory will likely go through, outside the possibility of God simply providing a miracle by shutting the whole thing down, and triggering everyone to go back to work. 

Many of you I have spoken to have complained to me about how the government has been handling the COVID-19 crisis, particularly about our Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau and other Premieres as well.  Let me respond by saying, this whole event of COVID-19 is about parts of the world going through bad karma.  It’s about how we, in general, treat animals.  So, my take-away on this event is for the world to come together with a collective agreement on how to treat animals much better.  It is also about people who, in another lifetime, caused animals to die, and it wasn’t really their fault, but they took the monkey on their back, where they came into this matrix to punish themselves.  And there is another group who died from COVID-19 because they made oaths to people in another incarnation to take on their karma, to die for them. 

You see, God, on one level, protects all of us by not allowing all of us to believe in past lives.  I asked, “Father, why is that?”  And my discernment confirmed that God believes some people will simply give up on life if they knew they had very little free will and that their free will has been taken away from them, proportional to the bad karma they created in a 100% free will life that they had. 

I do know that God knows every one of us.  And with my gift, I am a representative for God.  I have access to God’s records, the complete matrix program, God’s thoughts, everyone’s thoughts, everyone’s dark side, and everyone’s light side, and much more.  Many people believe that I need to hear one’s voice or receive a picture of them, or a piece of property that they own, in order to discern them.  Those who know me, know I don’t need anything.  The only thing that I need is the access to God.  And the truth is, you could be in any other universe and I can plug into that universe and find out what you are up to.  Through God, I have access to all your dead relatives.  I don’t talk to dead people.  I don’t need to.  I have access to all of God’s science.  I have access to all of your auras that reveal to me so much about you that you would be shocked that I know.  I know things from your aura that you don’t even know about yourself.  Your past lives and the information that I need to know about you is in your aura.

So, the real free will we have is to go to God and ask God to forgive us for what we think we need to be forgiven for.  I go to God directly because the Christ is in me.  That’s why I go to God directly.  And that’s why I have access to all.  God, in this matrix, has 100% free will.  Through God’s 100% free will, it is God who can set us free on issues where we came into this matrix to punish ourselves and to do terrible things to ourselves, or to bring disease into our physical bodies.  These individuals can go to God directly.  Even though one may think that they are going through God directly, the matrix is actually set up for one to go through the Christ consciousness/energy without one even knowing.  So, the key is, individuals, corporations, governments, countries who receive a true blessing/miracle healing are those ones who are self-punishing.  These ones, I have been able to help, and I continue to help. 

On the other hand, people who are truly, truly, really evil, and are truly, truly, truly dark, and have extreme bad karma to go through:  unfortunately, in most cases, God can no longer hear them.  These are individuals that, from other incarnations, went to God, got relieved of their karma, then went back and committed the same act, many times over, and refused to change.  They took themselves away from God.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of these individuals on this planet in this position.

Now, let me get back to the people who complain about our government officials.  I have carefully discerned our Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau and many of the Premieres of Canada.  We need to stop criticizing, judging and condemning them.  Not one of them, I have discerned, has made a mistake with what they are to do.  They are all in 100% compliance with the matrix math equation of sowing and reaping.  And we need to draw ourselves away from all conspiracy theories, but rather focus on trying to help each other out and trying to comply with government demands.  Why?  Because the government has made no mistakes.

So, having said that… and I realize sometimes I talk too much LOL… the following is the current matrix timeline forecast for Canadians with respect to COVID-19.  Below, I am discerning the number of weeks of COVID-19 bad karma that each province and territory have yet to go through in weeks, with the average degree of severity per week of whatever that bad karma is, expressed out of 100%.


British Columbia

At this time, and subject to change, British Columbia has two more weeks of COVID-19 bad karma.  The average percentage of bad karmic debt for each week is 5% out of 100%.  After two weeks, most of the BC economy should be wide open. 



The people of Alberta have, on average, eight to nine more weeks of bad karma.  The average percentage of bad karmic debt for each week is 10% out of 100%.  So, this means that the economy can open within the next two to three weeks, with stricter guidelines when compared to other provinces.  Alberta will likely see a surge in COVID-19 cases.  But after eight to nine weeks, most who are to be infected would likely be infected.  This means that Alberta is going to go through a tougher time and will certainly need federal funding. 

Remember:  COVID-19 is not a random virus.  Part of the reason for this is to do with cruelty to animals, from another incarnation, where Albertans had 100% free will.



Saskatchewan appeared to do very well in the 100% free will.  They have only one to two weeks of bad karma remaining with respect to the COVID-19 virus.  That means their economy is likely to open up wide soon.



Interesting…  Again, I have discerned that Manitoba, like Saskatchewan, has one to two weeks of bad karma, which means that their economy can open up wide very quickly.



Let me brace myself for this one, as I discern…  It’s not as bad as we think.  They have another six weeks to go of experiencing any level of bad karma, but it is a very small percentage of bad karma each week.  Out of 100% bad karma potential, each week the bad karma range is between 5 to 10% forecasted, but on average, 5%.  This means that the economies can be opened up very quickly, knowing that it’s not going to be a major pandemic spread among the population.  Yes, there will be surges in certain areas of Ontario, but it is manageable by our superior medical system.  It’s not a situation that is so bad that the government needs to continue to pour billions into the economy, only to crash it.  This is good news.



Of course, I love the people of Québec.  And all you Montrealers who know me, you know that is true.  Oh yes, I love the rest of Canada too.  I love everyone.  Okay, let’s get back to my discernment on Québec. 

I have discerned that Québec has eight more weeks of COVID-19 bad karma.  Let’s discern deeper…  This one is not so bad.  Out of 100% bad karmic debt obligation, the people of Québec owe the matrix, on average each week, a 2% bad karmic debt.  So, wow!  This is really good.  That means people can go back to work, the economy can open up and the great healthcare system that Québec has will be able to handle any surge in new COVID-19 cases for eight weeks. 

The government in Québec, as well as the rest of Canada, need to be able to make the connection to COVID-19, past lives and cruelty to animals… that everyone worldwide who received the COVID-19 virus had a certain energy that attracted the virus to them.  The majority of Canadians do not have this energy.  Therefore, the virus will not go towards them. 

I say to the people of Québec:  take this opportunity to bond with the rest of Canada and ignore all calls for separation.  To all Quebeckers:  you don’t know me, but I know you very well.  Anyone who moves Québec to separate from Canada will create a huge bad karmic debt.  And the people who would do this, we call them “walk-ins”, as they enter the matrix for one reason alone:  to create problems.  These walk-ins should not even be in the matrix.  So, the people of Québec:  pay attention.


New Brunswick

Let me tell you about the people of New Brunswick.  I am disappointed with the fact that I can’t find crab or lobster in a can and have it shipped to my address.  I am suffering deeply with social distancing between myself and the crabs and lobsters that I love.  Somebody please help me!  LOL

Okay, let’s get serious.  You can tell that I’m very tired.  I’ve been working hard. 

I have discerned that New Brunswick has four more weeks of COVID-19 bad karma.  On average per week, out of a possible 100% bad karmic obligation, they have 7% COVID-19 bad karmic debt.  That means over the next four weeks, more testing should be diligently done in New Brunswick and that the medical system in New Brunswick should be well-funded.  So, the good news is, they have four more weeks to go but they can still open up their economy slowly and realize that whoever is supposed to get the virus will get the virus.  Also good news, from what we understand today:  no one has died from the virus.  Not concerned about New Brunswick.


Prince Edward Island

This one is good.  I have discerned that PEI really has about two more weeks of bad karma and has on average 2% bad karmic debt obligation.  This means that the economy of PEI can be opened up wide.  This is good for the people of PEI.  And it makes sense because PEI was, generally speaking, focussed on fisheries and the potato industry, not really about slaughtering animals, in the 100% free will.  God gives all of us clues; we just need to pay attention.


Nova Scotia

I have discerned that Nova Scotia has two more weeks of bad karma.  Out of 100% possible COVID-19 bad karmic obligation, for each week, they have a 15% COVID-19 bad karmic obligation.  I am hoping this is not the case, but this is my discernment as of today.  Of course, more test kits will be required for Nova Scotia and they will likely require more federal funding.  But after the two to three weeks, things should start to level off.  This is assuming that the economy has been opened up and the 15% has been experienced. 

But at the same time, the people of Nova Scotia and the rest of Canada can go to God and ask to be forgiven if, in any 100% free will life experience they had, they caused injury or death to an animal.  If one person follows this instruction and because of them going to God, their life has been spared:  this message has been worth it.



I don’t believe I’ve ever kissed the cod.  But I’m sure one day, I will.  I do love the people of Newfoundland.  So, let me discern… 

The people of Newfoundland have two more weeks of going through their COVID-19 bad karmic debt obligation and they only have about 2% each week of a bad karmic debt obligation out of a possible 100%.  So, their economy can be opened up right away. 



Just one to two weeks of bad karmic obligation debt with respect to COVID-19 bad karmic debt, with not more than 2% each week of a possible 100% for the Yukon.  So, I guess it pays not to have major slaughterhouses in the Yukon, that are not properly regulated to reduce the suffering of the animals that get slaughtered. 


Northwest Territories

Wow…  The Northwest Territories have a ten to eleven week, on average 2% per week out of a possible to 100% COVID-19 bad karmic debt remaining.  This is mostly among the native populations and how, in the 100% free will incarnation, they treated their animals.  It will be interesting to see what happens in this region over the next ten to eleven weeks.



Nunavut has nine to ten weeks, with an average of 2% per week out of a possible of 100%, to pay their COVID-19 bad karmic debt.  Again, this is mostly among the natives.  And again, over the next nine to ten weeks, it will be very interesting to see what the fall-out is. 


Okay, that’s my message for today.  See if you can get this to the appropriate representatives at the federal, provincial and territorial offices.  While you are doing this, be kind.  The government officials are doing a really good job, along with all medical staff and all responders.  Doug Ford and Mayor John Tory:  you are doing a good job.  Yes, the Rt. Hon, Prime Minister:  you too!